The SHEKINI Tie-Knot Bikini Review and Buying Guide

Every girl needs one good bikini that she can proudly wear to the beach. If you’re in need of a new one, check out the Shekini Tie-Knot bikini. This bikini is stylish and is the only thong we’ve seen that looks modest. The cups cover up enough but keep you looking cute. All in all, this is the evening gown of beach bikinis.

The Shekini tie-knot bikini comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, white with polka dots, and light-blue candy cane stripes. Not all colours are available in all sizes, but you should have no problem finding something that you like. We loved how soft this bikini is. Also, we didn’t feel self-conscious wearing this around.

Shekini Tie-Knot Bikini Details

This beautiful bikini is made with a variety of materials to give it a soft, polished feel. It’s 18% elastane and 82% polyester. It has a soft, 100% cotton liner which is itch-free. The front tie-knot is hand-made to give it that feminine look. Because this has a high waist, the thong seems more moderate than stringier bikinis. This is perfect if you’re hanging out on a beach with kids around, or you don’t want too many guys ogling your butt. The top has a low-scoop back so you can stay cool.  Another thing we loved about the Shekini tie-knot bikini is that we can still feel sexy while also not feel like the center of all attention. It’s modest and stylish.


You can buy a Shekini tie-knot bikini for between $30 and $45.

Customer Reviews

Customers on Amazon gave this bikini 3.5 out of 5 stars, which puts it just above the median. Most of the women who bought it were pleased with their purchase. One woman said that it’s soft, fits great, and is flattering. Another said the material is very nice and doesn’t become see-through when wet. However, many women complained that the top wasn’t sized well, with some customers finding it uncomfortable. Also, there is very little support here, so you’ll want to avoid playing volleyball or chasing a frisbee while wearing this.

The Good and the Bad

Despite being a well-received swimsuit, the Shekini tie-knot bikini has its faults. We wish we could have just one perfect bikini to wear all the time, but such a mysterious creature continues to elude us.

The Good

  • Stylish
  • Looks and feels great
  • Wide variety of colours and sizes
  • Best-looking thong on a high-waist bikini we’ve ever seen
  • AMAZING price!
  • Soft and comfortable

The Bad

  • Bottoms are a little too large on some body types
  • No support in the bra

How Does It Compare?

We wanted to see if the Shekini tie-knot bikini is as good as some of the other bikinis in this price range. We went to Amazon and put it up against two of its competitors.

Lukitty Push-Up Bikini

First up is the Lukitty push-up bikini. This bikini is made with the exact same materials as the Shekini tie-knot bikini. That is, 18% elastane and 82% polyester. However, the Lukitty is a strapless push-up top that goes overboard trying to pronounce your breasts. Where the Shekini remains modest, the Lukitty is all about sex appeal. You can buy this sizzling two-piece for between $20 and $30. Customers on Amazon gave it 3.6 out of 5 stars. Most people said the bottom fits amazing and really shows off your hips. However, a lot of customers had complaints about the top, from the sizes being off to the bra being uncomfortable to wear.

Zeraca Tie-Side bikini

Next we looked at a tie-side bikini from Zeraca. This triangle two-piece has stylish side ties on the bottom, which draws the eye to your stomach and hips. It has 86% polyester and some elastane and cotton mixed in there. Also, there’s removable push-up padding in the top if you need it. The back is a classic criss-cross halter which forms a triangle across your shoulder blades. You can buy this classy piece for between $28 and $40. Customers gave it an astonishing 4.5 out of 5 stars. The ladies who bought this bikini absolutely loved it! One woman wrote that she was surprised at how low the price was. Normally she would pay $100 for this bikini! Most said the material was super-comfortable, although a few women complained that the bottom was a little too low-cut for their liking.

The Final Word

So, the question is, should you buy the Shekini tie-knot bikini? For less than $40 there really aren’t that many options. However, the Zeraca is a premium-level bikini that looks nice and compares well with the Shekini. And while many women had issues with the Shekini’s top, very few had issues with the Zeraca bikini. We say that if you have the right bust size, and you don’t mind a high-waist bikini, then the Shekini tie-knot bikini is a fantastic purchase. That being said, we would advise more active women, and those with smaller busts, to steer clear. Go get yourself a Zeraca instead!

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