Canada’s Most Popular Surfers On YouTube Today

Canada has a thriving surfing scene. Despite stereotypes, this country isn't all Arctic snow all the time. The west coast of Vancouver Island is a sub-tropical microclimate with some world-class surfing. Long Beach, just south of Tofino, is the most famous surf spot in Canada, but recently the swells off the east coast of Nova Scotia have been attracting the attention of surfers. It's no surprise, then, that most of Canada's surfing superstars come from British Columbia or Nova Scotia.

Take some of the greats such as Paige Alms and Logan Landry. Paige hails from Victoria, BC, while Logan has been making waves (pun intended) by popularizing surfing in Nova Scotia. But what if you're stuck in Saskatchewan or Ontario in January? You may not be able to hit the beach with your board, but you can enjoy watching some pros at play with these amazing Canadian surfers on YouTube.

Canada's Surfers

Canada has a few world-famous surfers, although many people may not realize they're Canadian. Paige Alms competes internationally in Hawaii, Australia, and California.

Thanks to Canada's long coastlines, there are ample surfing opportunities in this country.

Canada's Most Popular Surfers on YouTube

We've found five of the best Canadian surfers on YouTube that will inspire and thrill you. We love watching these guys crush it in competitions, and we've even seen a couple of them in person while visiting Long Beach, BC.  Another thing we noticed was how many women are into surfing in Canada. Visit any surfing beach and there's easily a three-to-one ratio of women versus men. We're not sure why this is, but it's awesome to see so many women out on the waves. We would love to see the guys get back into the sport because everyone benefits when everyone plays.

You'll love watching our favorite surfers in full HD. Enjoy!

Paige Alms

To say that Paige Alms is our favorite Canadian surfer is an understatement. She has grace, style, and the ability to handle the biggest, baddest swells. Although she lives in Hawaii, she grew up surfing in British Columbia and along the Gold Coast of Australia. She's definitely one of the top female big wave surfers in the world today.

Sean Foerster

From Vancouver, BC comes a Tofino legend. Sean Foerster competes internationally and is a member of Canada's World Surf championship team. He balances pro surfing with his second passion: mechanical engineering. It may be his engineer's eye that allows him to tackle the biggest waves the world can throw at him!

Logan Landry

Next on our list of the best Canadian surfers to watch on YouTube is Logan Landry. This young man is from Kentville, Nova Scotia. He grew up surfing in the stormy north Atlantic, tackling the cold waves of the Nova Scotia coast. Logan ran the amateur youth circuit around the world for a few years, and in 2017 he started his first pro world tour, competing in Maui and California.

The Olin Sisters

Finally, a pair of young U16 surfers who became the first Canadians to win gold in a pro tournament. The Olin Sisters, Mathea and Sanoa Olin, grew up surfing off the coast of Vancouver Island. Mathea is 16 and Sanoa is 14, making them the youngest women to ever win a gold in surfing. The fact that they beat out every other surfer twice their age in that Peru World Championship rocketed them to stardom. These child prodigies will only get more impressive as they get older!

There Are More

There are so many more great Canadian surfers, but unfortunately most of them don't have high-quality YouTube videos. Of course, prodigies like the Olin Sisters and pro surfers like Paige Alms will get lots of attention from videographers. As the sport of surfing grows in Canada, expect to see more amazing surfers make it into the big leagues!

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