5 Beach Sunglasses That You’ll Love to Wear in 2019

You've got your bikini ready, your sunscreen packed, and your flip-flops on your feet. The only things you need are a great pair of beach sunglasses! Even more than the bikini, sunglasses are an iconic symbol of the beach life. In fact, they got their start on a beach! Sam Foster started selling celluloid sunglasses on the beaches of Atlantic City in 1929, and they've become a part of life ever since.

When you're ready to hit the beach, make sure you've got a good pair of sunglasses on your head. Forget the aviators: you want beach sunglasses, made specifically with the beach environment in mind. We've gone looking and came back with the five best beach sunglasses that you'll love to wear this year.

Beach Sunglasses Questions Answered

Many people don't know how to properly choose a pair of sunglasses. From matching the style to your own, to finding the right shape and size for your head, people tend to use guesswork. Well, we've answered that problem for you, and others, with this handy guide.

How are beach sunglasses different?

So why shouldn't you just wear your driving sunglasses to the beach? After all, they're already on your head, right? Well, the problem isn't one of utility, but of style. You see, while your driving aviators or extra large starlet sunglasses look good in the car, they are positively out of place on the beach. This is an environment where skimpy fashion meets minimalism, mixed with nature. So, beach sunglasses are designed to keep the sun out of your face while blending into this environment. Which is why you'll find beach sunglasses are smaller and more colorful than regular ones.

How do I find the right pair for my face?

Finding the right sunglasses for your face depends first of all on the shape of your face.

Oval face: You'll want more angular, upswept sunglasses that will highlight your cheekbones.

Square face: To contrast your jaw, go with curving, shapely sunglasses. Rimless sunglasses also work very well.

Round face: Go with geometric frames, such as rectangles and horizontal frames.

Heart-shaped face: You want larger frames with exaggerated bottoms and thin tops.

The Five Best Beach Sunglasses You Can Buy

After much searching, sampling, laughing, crying, giving up, and trying again, we finally came up with a list of the best beach sunglasses you can buy. The great thing about beach sunglasses is that they never go out of style. Whether it's 1969 or 2019, these sunglasses fit in. These are in no particular order.

1. J&M Retro Semi Rimless Browline Sunglasses 

The retro semi-rimless browline sunglasses from J&M are perfect for heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces. They have a vintage look with their 51-millimeter lens. The frames are made of plastic and stainless steel. Meanwhile, the lens themselves block 100-percent of harmful UV rays, although they are not polarized.

These glasses cost between $20 and $30. Customers on Amazon gave them 4.3 out of 5 stars, with most praising their sturdy construction and overall high-quality feel. There were a few complaints that the lenses pop out of the plastic frame too easily.

Next up are the awesome Skadino handmade beech wood sunglasses. These shades have a pure beach look that fits right for both men and women. Whether you're a surfer in Tofino or a beach bunny in Sandbanks, a set of Skadinos will fit right in. We particularly love the pure vintage look of these shades, right down to the real beech wood arms.

You'll pay between $30 and $70 for these awesome, stylish shades. They garnered 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with most customers saying that the wood is genuine and the glasses are nice and thick. A few men found that these shades were too small for their heads.

3. WOODIES Zebra Wood Sunglasses

Next is another pair of wooden beach sunglasses, this time from Woodies. These shades feature zebra wood arms and a thick, full frame around the polarized lenses. You'll enjoy 100-percent UVA and UVB protection while looking stylish at the same time. We love that these glasses are handmade, and you can feel the craftmanship when you put them on.

Expect to pay between $30 and $50 for a pair. Also, they have a 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, meaning there were no complaints from customers who bought them.

GQUEEN Futuristic Shield Rimless Sunglasses

GQueen is well-known among fashionistas in Asia and Europe. You can harness your inner diva with these extremely modern, stylish, sleek beach sunglasses. Because these sunglasses are unique, you'll be guaranteed to be the only one wearing them on your stretch of sand. Best of all, they have 51-millimeter HD mirrored lenses, so while you can scope out everyone in perfect color, nobody can see where your eyes are roaming.

The GQueens cost between $15 and $25, and on Amazon, they garnered a near-perfect 4.8 out of 5 stars from customers. Most people loved that these were extremely comfortable and fashionable. They don't leave red marks on your face, and they're the perfect size and weight for the beach. A few people said they even received compliments on their shades! There were no complaints.

5. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Finally, when it comes to beach sunglasses, nobody does it better than Ray-Ban. The brand was popularized by surfer culture in the 1960's, which makes them the perfect pair of beach sunglasses for us here at Northern Crush. We love the 52-millimeter crystal lens, which protects from all UVA and UVB rays. These sunglasses look and feel like the premium quality that they are.

For that level of quality, expect to pay more. In the case of these Ray-Bans, you're looking at between $100 and $200. Amazon customers gave them 4.2 out of 5 stars, with most people saying that they loved the look and fit of these glasses. However, there were a lot of customers who received counterfeit Ray-Bans, and you really need to be careful where you're buying these.

Which Ones Do You Prefer?

We've just given you five awesome choices for a great pair of beach sunglasses. Now it's up to you to match the one you like best with your face and style. When it comes to our favourite, we are partial to the Woodies zebra wood sunglasses, or the classic Ray-Bans. What about you? Let us know in the comments!

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